Joel Leivick  Photographer
Greenhouse Near Volterra, ItalyDovecoteSpider Web, 2006Salsepuedes Apple, 2003White Road, 2006Doorway, 2006Figtree, 2005Garden Mirror, 2006Landscape #136, 1987View from Pitigliano , 1987Alberto Melone's GardenCypress TreesUmbrian scene #1, 2006Dry Pool, 1988 Chadwick Garden, 2005Umbrian scene #2, 2006Monk at the Cells of St. FrancisGarden at the Cells of St. FrancisCarrara arches, 2006Doorway #160, 2005
In the Garden
"Intimate, sensual, and complex, the new work …looks into the enticements that gardens hold--that in cultivating nature, we might desist from conquering it; and in ordering it, we might grasp its true wildness, even make its creativity our own. (the) photographs are at once precise descriptions, luminous observations, and sharp acts of contemplation. To really see a garden, Leivick suggests, is to find a more remarkable garden within--a garden always on the verge of its own conception, continuously in full bloom, and already remembered."--Jason Francisco